Brussels was abuzz with excitement at the Water Innovation Europe 2024 event, spotlighting the ZeroPollution4Water (ZP4W) Cluster Workshop. This pre-conference event showcased pivotal advancements in water innovation, emphasizing collaboration among the seven sister projects.

Lydia Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia from KWR captivated the audience with her presentation on the ToDrinQ project. She highlighted how the the project toolkit is poised to bridge the policy gap between utilities, facilitating the navigation of both new and existing directives for drinking water. Her insights underscored the project’s potential to harmonize efforts across different regulatory landscapes.

Key moments from the ZP4W Cluster Workshop included:

🔹 Project Presentations: Representatives from each of the seven ZP4W cluster projects shared key findings from their case studies, illustrating the benefits of clustering research efforts.

🔹 Case Study Inventory Introduction: Margarete Remmert-Rieper presented the collaborative Case Study Inventory, an initiative led by the SafeCREW project and the cluster’s Working Group Communication.

🔹 Roundtable Discussion: Chaired by Bertrand Vallet from the European Commission, this discussion linked policy insights with practical case study experiences, offering valuable perspectives for future initiatives.

🔹 Networking Opportunities: The event’s dinner and breaks provided a platform for deepening discussions and fostering knowledge sharing among the projects.

The event, hosted by Water Europe, exemplified the power of unity in addressing water pollution challenges, marking significant strides toward a cleaner, sustainable future.